Derma Max Brightening Serum 50ml

Special Features
[Patented ingredient MADEWHITE and COS-VCE which uses vitamin-C to induce light
skin tone] It suppresses melanin formation with patented whitening agent MADEWHITE,
vitamin C, derivatives COS-VCE, and vitamin B compounds and keeps the skin
complexion bright. It also suppresses the production of free radicals and melanin by a
tripeptide, which connects by glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine.
[Control water balance] Trehalose is a type of sugar present in the natural world such as
microorganisms, plants, and insects. It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which absorbs
moisture 1,000 times of its weight, which forms a moisturizing membrane on its skin.
Active Ingredients
[MADEWHITE(Madecassoside)] Whitening patented ingredient. It is an extract from centella
asiatica extract called tiger grass
[Niacinamide] Vitamin B complex, which suppresses pigmentation and strengthens skin barrier
[COS-VCE(3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid)] Patented ingredient. Vitamin C derivatives help
whitening by stopping melanin inhibition
[Glutathione] One of the amino acids, a tripeptide which connects glutamic acid, cysteine, and
glycine, helps to whiten skin complexion by suppressing active oxygen and melanin production
[Trehalose] A type of sugar present in the natural world, possesses a superior hydration
capability and is highly effective for soothing the skin

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