1. How can I register for a training seminar?

You can register by sending a request via email at [email protected].  You can also register by calling our office at 416-661-6700.

For a live webinar session, no registration is necessary. Please, click on the event to obtain a direct link.

  1. What information do you require when registering?

In order to register, we require your name, address, and phone number so that we may contact you in order to confirm.

  1. Payment?

Some of our courses have associated fees. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, or e-transfer as forms of payment. Payment is required in order to reserve your seat in select classes.  Should you wish to pay cash, we ask that you contact the office directly and speak with a representative.

  1. What is your Cancellation Policy?

You will not be charged provided that you allow us up to 1 week notice for cancellation. In this case, a full refund or a credit will be issued.

  1. Where do you provide your training?

Our training facilities are located in the same facility as our showroom. The address is 200 Trowers Road, Woodbridge, ON.

  1. Who will instruct the training seminars?

Our instructors are trained professionals with vast industry experience. To obtain more information about our leading educator, Natalia Cosentini, please click here.

  1. What are your class sizes?

We strive for a low teacher/student ratio. A large class would consist of approximately ten attendees, while a small class would consist of no less than two.

  1. Are any of your workshops available through on-line (distance) learning?

Yes, we have a select number of workshops available. These modified one to one sessions provide you with customized training and a certificate of completion.  Please, contact our office for more information.

You can also visit our You Tube channel to view pre-recorded webinars.

  1. How else can I get most up to date information about your classes, upcoming events and products?

Stay connected through our Instagram @euroessentials and our Facebook page Euro Essentials Spa Supply.